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I help smart, successful women and (a few brave men) how to not only eat well and live well, but to embrace the best version of themselves!

Achieving Complete Health is not just about limiting what goes in your mouth or how often you exercise.

Complete Health encompasses your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. When any one of these areas is out of alignment, your physical health suffers. When your physical health is suffering, it impacts every other area of your life! The two go hand in hand and always will!

With a Complete Health Revolution, It’s time to Reclaim Your Health & Recharge Your Life!

Time to ditch the diets, frustration, overwhelm and not to mention the extra weight you have been hauling around – both on your body & your heart! Can you relate?

  • You have spent years battling the bulge with diet after diet, only to end up more frustrated than when you began.
  • You are confused about what foods you should be eating for your body’s specific needs, not what the latest diet or your best friend tells you.
  • You are frustrated, after doing a ton of your own research, realizing the amount of conflicting information out there and wish for once that someone was able to help you cut through the BS to get real, lasting results.
  • You have tried diet after diet, multiple programs, and yet somehow nothing has stuck. Now stuck is exactly how you feel.
  • You are ready for once and for all to shed those pounds and reclaim your energy.
  • You would love to look and feel 10 years younger instead of older than you actually are now.

I get it! I have been there too!

The truth is, you don’t need another plan or program. You need a partner to walk this journey with you. One that has been there before.

After we work together, my hope for you is that you’ll never need to hire another coach or look for another program ever again. You will have everything you need built into who you are.

Here’s what you need to know.

You need to understand exactly which foods are the best fuel for your body and which will sabotage your success. But it is about more than just food!

It is about getting to the root cause of why you are dragging through your day, why your weight won’t budge, why you are experiencing the health challenges you are.

There are underlying factors you may not even be aware of – toxicity, imbalances in your gut, food intolerances, emotional eating, and other hidden drivers that sabotage your success, no matter how hard you try and how committed you are!

Isn’t it time to trade in feeling sick & tired for Feeling Fantastic?!

Why walk around feeling exhausted, plagued with bloated belly, extra weight, hormone imbalances, bags under your eyes, foggy thinking, and chronic pain?

It’s time for something different! That’s why when we work together, we will look at all areas of your life to uncover the hidden sabotages and put all the pieces together.

I am all about the Breakthroughs!

It is your time to find freedom and live life feeling fantastic! Let’s make it happen!

Empower yourself with the tools and principles so it doesn’t matter what the situation, you know exactly how to handle it with grace and ease. You can indulge guilt free and feel fantastic about the choices you make!

The best part of mastering this is being able to live your life every day feeling fantastic and sharing that with those you love, enriching their lives too!

So, the question is…Are you ready? Ready to find freedom and feel fantastic?

You’ve got 3 areas to explore:


Eat Yourself Healthy Cookbook

cookbookHealthier eating and loosing weight can feel effortless. This powerful ebook explains how Jen has helped hundreds of people loose weight and feel great!

With “Eat Yourself Healthy! 14 Days to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger”, you will access recipes, meal plans AND learn the principles to feel fantastic!

Stop sabotaging your health and your waistline…

Grocery Store Guide to Healthy Eating

grocery-guideHealthy eating and grocery shopping doesn’t have to run your day and you deserve a program loaded with all the information and templates you need to make it super simple – one you can use over and over again throughout the entire year to simplify your life and nourish your body with delicious healthy foods!

Welcome to the Grocery Store Guide to Healthy Eating.

This program is not just knowledge, but also provides you the tools to implement the food wisdom you gain. Sanity, peace of mind and freedom await you!


Sugar Freedom Detox

sugar-freedom-breakthrough14 Days to Crank Up your Metabolism, Shrink your Tummy & Create Sugar Freedom.

This is the program that will transform your dreams into reality. Are you ready to kiss frequent colds, headaches, sleepless nights, and the daily crash and burn goodbye?

Detoxing at least 4 times a year supports a healthy body for a lifetime, and you deserve a program loaded with all the recipes and step-by-step instructions you need to detox naturally – one you can use over and over again throughout the entire year to refresh and revitalize your body.

This program is a delicious adventure of discovery while releasing what’s no longer serving you – both physically and emotionally. When you finally learn to let go of all the physical and emotional toxicity, you can access incredible freedom of both body and mind. Besides, who doesn’t want to look and feel their greatest right now?

We get started on February 16th! Are you ready to join us?


As a huge believer in the principle, knowledge & understanding plus consistent action equals success, I have created personalized programs that are perfect for the person looking for long term, life-changing results.

When you bring me on to work with you one-on-one, you will super-charge your results!

Together we will introduce changes into your lifestyle at a pace that is comfortable for you. These programs are recommended for people looking for one on one support to:

  • overcome impaired health
  • reach and maintain your ideal weight
  • improve your mental or emotional thought patterns
  • optimize your athletic performance
  • implement permanent, healthier lifestyle changes

Are you ready? Ready to find freedom and feel fantastic?

If you are, start below with a Health Breakthrough Session to determine which program is right for you!

Health Breakthrough Session

helathbreakthroughsessionKnow that you are ready to Reclaim your Health, but now quite sure where to begin?

Want to talk directly to Jen and see which program is right for you and where you are at in your journey now?

Sign up for a Health Breakthrough Session today!

In this conversation, you will feel empowered, supported, and inspired regarding your individual health goals.We will spend 30 minutes exploring where you are at, your goals and create an action plan to move you forward starting now.

This is also a great opportunity to get to know your coach before making a long-term investment. Guaranteed you will come away with at least one big realization about what’s keeping you stuck and how to get un-stuck.

Metabolic Design Assessment

metabolic-designDiets don’t work because they are not personalized and you are not alone if “healthy eating is confusing to you! There are many that are experiencing the exact same feelings.

The reason is simple. Different people need different kinds of foods. What fuels one person is another’s poison. The key is to discover what kinds of foods your individual metabolism needs to thrive and which are potentially destroying your health slowly. That’s where the metabolic assessment comes in.

The Metabolic Design Assessment is a revolutionary system for optimizing whole body health. Diet and nutritional supplements are used to address the individual at a fundamental metabolic level. This leads to increased energy, weight loss and a higher functioning immune system to prevent disease.

This program supplies you with:

  • What you MUST know before you eat your next meal and snack
  • What foods are your best fuel sources for your body
  • How to reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes
  • How to fire up your metabolism so the weight falls off
  • And a meal plan specific to your Metabolic Design so you can implement immediately and begin feeling fantastic today!

VIP Transformation Day

vip-transformation-dayThis is a 4 hour session dedicated to focus solely on your current health challenges and creating a solution oriented action plan and begin to integrate lessons.

Together we will uncover the hidden causes of your weight loss resistance, low energy, mental fogginess and any other health challenges you may be facing.

Prior to our session, you will complete a health history and a 1-1 interview so the day is structured to deliver exactly what you need to create the vitality you have been searching for.

We will not put a Band-aid over the problem like a medication does. We will dig deep and uncover the source of the issue and develop a solution you can implement immediately so you can reclaim your health and recharge your life!

This is for you if:

  • You are a self-starter that simply needs to know the solutions for your body and lifestyle.
  • You want results immediately!
  • You are looking for a jumpstart, but do not feel you need ongoing support to implement.
  • You want to accomplish 3 month’s worth of coaching in a single session.

This is not for you if:

You are not ready to take the bull by the horns and go to work.

You are looking to stick your big toe in the water vs. jump in the deep end. You are testing the waters with me to see if we are a fit. (I am perfectly fine with testing the waters, but I would recommend starting with a self-study course then or having a Health Breakthrough Session as a place to start getting to know me.)

If you are ready to jump in the deep end with me and come out with incredible results,

Immersion Magic (3 Month Minimum)

immersion-magicImmersion Magic is VIP private coaching. It is only for those that want lasting change and make it happen in the shortest amount of time.

Reclaim Your Health and Recharge Your Life!

When you learn a new language, it is much easier to learn it if you are living in that culture and using the language every day vs. listening to a CD and practicing on your own isn’t it?

After our time together, healthy eating will simply become second nature, just like your native tongue. No more counting, guessing, restricting, struggling with will power to resist temptation, guilt and NO MORE CONFUSION!

During this monthly coaching program, you will:

  • Learn which foods fuel you and which sabotage your success
  • Create a new relationship with food so that it is an enjoyable and delicious part of life again
  • Heal your food story that is keeping you stuck on the diet roller coaster
  • Explode your energy levels and Shed unwanted pounds
  • Begin to eliminate the need for medications
  • And take 10 years off how you look and feel!

Availability is very limited and I only accept people committed to change and to their own success. With this program I guarantee my results and am 110% committed to your success and I expect the same from you. If you are motivated to create lasting change and building a lifetime of wellness…this is the solution you have been searching for!