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Are you looking for someone that can inspire lasting change in your organization and spur them on towards achieving optimal wellness?

Jen Beck with Complete Health Revolution offers presentations on topics that create opportunities for the members of your organization to…engage life and health at a higher level!

With her highly interactive programs, Jen engages individuals to take daily action steps leading to a higher state of wellness and performance in all areas of their lives. Jen has the ability to inspire your organization to take baby steps on a daily basis resulting in reduced health risks, healthy weight loss, higher engagement and increased performance for everyone.

Whether you are looking for a single presentation or a full series, Jen will have a lasting impression on your organization resulting in a greater quality of life for all! Jen speaks in person or virtually. No matter where you are, she can deliver to information your organization needs to lead a greater quality of life for all.

  • Keys to Maximize Energy with Food
  • Sail through the Holidays Stress-free and Slim
  • Essentials for Eating to Live
  • 7 Mistakes Most Parents Make around their Children’s Nutrition
  • 5 Keys to Maximum Vitality
  • Prey to the Silent Killer
  • Reality Check: TV Nutrition or Real Nutrition
  • Essentials for Eating to Live
  • Virtual Healthy Grocery Store Tour
  • Wellness Begins with One Step
  • Healthy Mealtimes for the Desperately Busy Eating Well on the Go, Energy!

Jen is a true professional and top quality speaker. She spoke to our group, “Thriving Moms” about health and nutrition and was very realistic about what we could do as parents to help feed and educate our children about what we are putting in our bodies. She gave practical tips and solutions that everyone could utilize. She was easy to listen to and had a very open, educational demeanor. She definitely got our group thinking and talking about food and our health! – Thanks Jen.

Your friends and Thriving Moms

“I am one of those women that when I hear someone is a nutrition expert I run the way! I guess because I don’t want to be told all the things I am doing wrong! I didn’t run the other way when I met Jen! Her approach to me was down to earth, humorous, and she listed to where I was in my life journey. She shared with me her passion for wanting to help people feel empowered through feeling good and the story that led her to want to do nutrition work, which was inspirational. She gave me a simple suggestion to add a vitamin supplement to my daily routine, and I believe it has truly made a difference. I also asked Jen to speak at Loveland’s Amazing Women meeting and she was awesome. I know that she ended up connected with several women and now working with them to feel empowered. Women I know have lost up to 60 pounds working with her “inch by inch!” You know someone is great at what they do when you simply mention their name and the response from others is immediate and without hesitation…Jen is terrific!”

Donna Drury-Heine

I really enjoyed your presentation at the Miami Valley Human Resource Association at Sinclair. I took many ideas back to my company and had an even greater enthusiasm for what it is we do for employees than before. I am absolutely addicted to working with employees to better their health and wellness.

Elisabeth DeForest

HR Benefits Administrator