Increase Your Joy And Peace With a Mental Upgrade

Increase Your Joy And Peace With a Mental Upgrade

April 10, 20242 min read

Increase Your Joy And Peace With a Mental Upgrade

You know how sometimes we say "thoughts become things"? Well, it's one of those simple truths of life that blew my mind when I first discovered it and it still does. I mean, whatever we focus on in our heads tends to show up in our lives. For instance, imagine you're a race car driver. Your coach tells you to keep your eyes glued to the track, right? If you stare at the wall instead, worrying about crashing... boom! You'd probably end up crashing into it!

Anyway, this whole "what we focus on is what we get" thing reminded me of a book I read a while back, Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich". He talks about this Law of Attraction thing that anybody can use to turn their life around. Basically, if you want to change your life, you should start by changing your thoughts.

So, here's what worked for me:

  1. Affirmations: Now, we're all using affirmations every day, whether we know it or not. And usually, they're not helpful at all. Like when you keep telling yourself that you gain weight every time you eat, or that you're never going to meet your special person. But what if we turned these affirmations around? Made them positive, present tense, personal, and specific? Like saying "I love my healthy body" or "I'm happy and empowered" or even "I'm so grateful that I'm earning $150,000 per year"? Sounds crazy, right? But imagine telling yourself these things every day.

  2. Afformations: Now, this is a little different. It's basically asking your brain positive questions to focus on what you do have. Instead of asking, "Why is this always happening to me?" or "Why can't I earn more money?" we should ask, "Why am I so blessed?" or "Why am I enjoying an abundance of money?" The idea is to get our brains focusing on the good stuff, not the bad.

  3. L.I.I.F.T: This is my favorite. It's short for Life-Improving Internal Focus Technique. It's a powerful tool that helps replace negative beliefs with positive ones. I’m a trained practitioner and with me, you can identify the beliefs that are holding you back and replace them with positive ones.

In my life, affirmations, afformations, and L.I.I.F.T have made a huge difference. I’ve seen folks with crippling self-confidence issues start standing up for themselves, women with terrible anxiety find calm, and people have even turned their businesses and marriages around. Many of these transformations happened after just one session!

I just thought I'd share these tools with you. Who knows, maybe they can help you like they've helped me. It never hurts to try, right?

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