Even with our best efforts to eat the right foods, the most disciplined of us sometimes fall short. When given the right daily nutrients our bodies are amazing at protecting and restoring themselves. As a direct result of the factory farming, genetically modified foods and fast foods so readily available these days, our foods are void of many of the necessary nutrients for a healthy body. That is why I strongly recommend a daily regimen of high quality, whole food, nutrient dense supplementation. A nutritional supplementation’s role is to bridge the gap between what we eat and don’t eat in order to ensure we receive the daily nutrients are bodies need.

As a personal consumer and nutrition professional, I’ve always been impressed with the quality of Xyngular’s product. Due to their TRAC Team (Technical Research and Development Committee), the ongoing research and development of the products is of the highest quality along with their FDA approved labs and science patented absorption technology called DeltaZorb, Xyngular offers the best supplements available. You can view all of Xyngular’s products at my website: www.myxyngular.com/chr.

Xyngular’s products offer the perfect solutions for helping people Cleanse, Nourish, and Protect their bodies.

Check out some of my favorite products below.


Genesis is a healthy-aging formula, bursting with the antioxidants and nutrients needed to help protect your body’s cells, revitalizing their longevity and your energy levels. By combining scriptural herbs, superfoods, and the groundbreaking X’tranol-24, Genesis supports continued cellular health, while fighting visible signs of aging from the inside out. You can feel and look like yourself – age really is just a number!


Not all bacteria are bad – did you know that your body depends on healthy bacteria in your gut, called “probiotics,” to maintain good health, support weight loss, and absorb nutrients? Unfortunately, today’s modern lifestyle and diet make it difficult to maintain healthy levels of these important bacteria, leading to digestive and immunity issues and more.

Probiotix is a simple, tasty, and immediate way to provide your body with the critical probiotics it needs for your health and well-being to flourish. Probiotix supports healthy weight loss, oral and digestive health, fights gas and bloating, and helps ensure maximum absorption of all the nutrients from food and supplements you consume.

Advanced Omega

The function and health of both your brain and heart decline as you age. They can be further impacted if, like most people, your diet is low in essential Omega-3 fatty acids – the “building blocks” of your brain.

Advanced Omega is a potent combination of 3 essential Omega-3 fatty acids, designed to help your brain, heart, and metabolism function at the highest level on your health journey. Advanced Omega combines EPA and DHA together with the cutting-edge DPA fatty acid for superior memory, focus and other cognitive function, while helping to support your body’s natural fat-burning metabolism.


Immune helps your immune system perform at its peak, so you stay healthy and active all year long. By combining a special blend of therapeutic, antioxidant-packed organic mushrooms, along with a full daily dose of vitamin C, Immune delivers the daily reinforcements your immune system needs to neutralize the free radicals in your system, supporting your healthy lifestyle.



Aging, being overweight, physical jobs, and living an active (or the opposite, a sedentary) lifestyle all naturally take a toll on our joints. Being only 10 lbs. overweight can put an extra 30-60 lbs. of force on your knees with every step. Ouch!

Flex is a maximum-strength joint health supplement that contains hyaluronic acid and helps keep your body flexible – so you can stay active for life. By protecting and nourishing every part of your active joints, Flex helps make sure you’ll be flexible enough to handle everything life throws your way.



Drink up to slim down! Trimstix is a single-serving vegan mix, for on-the-go weight management.* With only 10 calories and a delicious fruit punch flavor, Trimstix is designed to support blood-sugar levels in healthy individuals.* With Trimstix’s exclusive formula you can curb sugar cravings while increasing energy levels and cognitive function.


Resist offers quick appetite control in a soft wild cherry chew.* Thanks to the HbG Complex, just one chew suppresses hunger and helps you feel full faster.* Resist makes for a tasty “treat with a purpose” to take before each meal. You can even have up to four a day to combat hunger whenever it strikes.*


Accelerate helps you burn fat three times faster than the competition with its proprietary Thermolit Blend™. This vegan and caffeine-free thermogenic helps control your appetite and resets your fat-burning potential.*

Rapidly boost your metabolism, trim your waistline, and reignite your body’s ability to burn up excess fat all day. Accelerate has been proven to burn fat 3x faster than the competition.*

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